Business Personal Property (BPP)


Business Personal Property (BPP) are items used by an individual or business for the production of income and are taxable in the State of Texas.  BPP is commonly known as property that is movable without damage to itself or the associated real property.  Some examples of BPP include: furniture, fixtures, inventories, equipment, computers, supplies, motor vehicles, vessels, and aircraft.   As a business owner you are required to file an annual rendition reporting all assets to the county appraisal district if the assets exceed $500.  The deadline to file a rendition in the State of Texas is April 1st.  A written request may be filed with the appraisal district for an extension moving the deadline date to May 1st.

Urban Property Tax will analyze and aggressively classify your assets reducing your market value and research any potential exemptions that your company may qualify for.  Urban Property Tax services include: preparing and filing your rendition, filing for all qualifying exemptions, filing an extension if needed, protesting your BPP valuation and attending a hearing at the appraisal district if necessary.

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With over two decades of property tax experience, Urban Property Tax consultants are committed to reducing commercial property tax valuations.  We conduct a thorough review of our client’s property and introduce effective arguments to achieve our target value. Below are just a few of the methods used by our consultants:

Cost, Market, Income, and Equity are the focal points that Urban Property Tax will analyze for each commercial property.  We will compile your condition issues, review recent sales (Market Approach) that are similar in characteristics and analyze your financial information (Income Approach) to ensure your property is being assessed at a fair market value and equally appraised with other similar properties. According to the Texas Property Tax Code, appraisal districts must assess all similar properties in a uniform and equal manner.

We review Appraisal District records for accuracy. Many times the property description can be incorrect on items such as class, condition, extent of a remodel, additional features, percent of occupancy, or incorrect square footage on the land or improvements.  A correction in any one of these items can have a very big impact on the assessed value of your property.

Condition Issues that affect the market value of your property can be brought up during the protest process. To receive a value reduction, Urban Property Tax must provide documentation of the issue and an estimate of the cost to cure. Some common condition issues are foundation issues, HVAC issues, roof damage, and water damage.

 Urban Property Tax will build a winning case that will result in maximum tax savings.

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